I am a Data wizard, experienced research manager, entrepreneur and bicycle enthusiast with 11 years of solid experience in conducting data-driven research work. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, self-motivated and make things happen!

Machine Learning Deep Learning: TF, PyTorch, etc (P) NLP: BERT|W2V|ELMO|Spacy, etc.(E) Ensembles: XGBoost|LGBM, RN(E) Semi/Unsupervised ML(P) | Graphs (P)
SW & Data infra Development Python Stack: Scikit, Pandas, etc.(E) Spark: PySpark, SparkML(C)|DASK (P) SQL | NoSQL DBs(C)|AWS, GCP (C) Airflow/MLflow(C) | R(E) | Scala (AB)
Data Crunching EDA | Data Visualization (E) Adv. Statistics & Probability (P) KDD | Data Interpretation (P) Data pre-processing (E
Leadership Build and grow R&D & DS groups (P) Drive innovation and excellence (E) Agile and test-driven methodology (E) Presentation | storytelling (P)

N: Novice, AB: Advanced Beginner, C: Competent, P: Proficient, E: Expert.

My general tech skills are:

  • Data crunching, machine learning and data engineering
  • Solving puzzles, starting with “in the web, how can I…”
  • Learning, learning, learning…